It’s the first week of the Bike To PSU Challenge!

Happy Monday, and welcome to the first week of the Bike to PSU Challenge! Again, we’d like to thank everyone for kicking things off nicely and signing up with the challenge at our kick-off party. As of right now, we’ve got 684 registered riders and 3,286 miles collectively logged! 290 riders are off to a great start and actively logging their trips now,  but we want this number to grow big time. You can help by continuing to ride-n-log and by issuing challenges to other participants. Don’t forget to have your trips logged by this Friday to be entered for next Monday’s prize draw.

This week the Bike Hub will be hosting several workshops and another Biker Breakfast:

  • Basic Maintenance – Today, 12 – 1pm @ Bike Hub
  • Commuting 101 – Wednesday, 12 – 1pm @ Bike Hub
  • Biker Breakfast – Thursday, 8:30am (’til food is gone) @ Urban Plaza
  • Flat Fix Clinic – Friday, 12 – 12:30pm @ Bike Hub

Welcome to the Bike To PSU Challenge

The Bike To PSU Challenge is finally ON! Thanks for coming out to our first Biker Breakfast and our kick-off ice cream partay. We had a blast hosting and raffling off prizes including a Linus ruc sac, Giro helmet and a new bike from Breezer to our lucky participants today! If you only got to ice cream in the sunshine today, don’t worry ‘cuz we’re just getting started. You’ll have plenty of chances all month for glory and prizes. Log those miles and stay tuned for each week’s prize winners. We’ll be announcing them on our Facebook, Twitter and the homepage. See you on the road!

Logging Trips

What if I bus/carpool/etc?
That’s great! For some, combining the bike with other modes such as busing or carpooling is the best way to work in a bike commute. Maybe riding 27 miles one-way isn’t for you, but why not ride 3 miles to the Park and Ride? For reporting mileage, just count the bike portion of your commute.
I sometimes bike the long way home and run errands by bicycle. Can I include these miles/trips in the contest?
Feel free to include errands, especially if you live on campus. If you do make an extended side trip for training or fun, please subtract those miles when updating your commute calendar.
I made a mistake entering my mileage and need to correct it.
You can correct entries back to the previous Wednesday of the week in question. Unfortunately we cannot retroactively enter mileage for teams.

How do I challenge another rider?
You may challenge any participant. To initiate a challenge, go to the other rder’s profile (you can search riders by searching rider or team rankings). Click the “Issue Challenge” button above the rider’s name.
How do I accept a Challenge? 
A challenge will be issued to you via email. To accept, click the link in the email. All active challenges will appear below your trip calendar.
How do I reject a Challenge?
Simply ignore (or delete) the challenge email. The person who challenged you does not have access to your email address through the website.

Sharing your Bike to PSU Challenge
We’d love to see and hear about your commute. You can send us photos of your inspiration and your commute for us to share as our Inspiration of the Day. It can be something you see along your commute or something that keeps you going when the weather is less than perfect.
We’d also love you to share the story of your commute with us. We’ll put it up on our blog to help motivate everybody else out there. It can be 20 miles or it can be 20 blocks, we just want to share what folks are up to.

Free Biker Breakfasts

Each week we’ll be setting up around campus between 8:30am and 10:00am and serving free breakfast. Thanks to our friends at KIND Snacks, Olé Latte, Einstein Bros Bagels and Voodoo Doughnuts, we bring you freshly brewed coffee, healthy snacks, bagels and doughnuts.

Friday May 1: Broadway Ave. at Smith Memorial Union
Thursday May 7: Urban Plaza

Wednesday May 13: Entrance of the Engineering Building
Tuesday May 19: Millar Library
Tuesday May 26: Science Teaching Research Center (SRTC)

Burn some calories in the morning and let us refuel you before class.

Bike to PSU 2015: Kick-off Event! Prize giveaways, including a new bike!

This Friday, the Bike to PSU Challenge is kicking-off like a kangaroo: hard. Right off the bat we’re giving away a brand new bike! Getting entered for a chance to win it is simple:

1) Sign up on
2) Ride your bike to campus on May 1st and log your miles
3) Show up at our kick-off event at the Urban Plaza. We’re giving out free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Hot Lips Pizza free slice cards and other sweet freebies!

All May is Bike Month, and we’re so excited to encourage and celebrate bicycling with some good ol’ friendly competition. Either as a solo rider or as a team, we’ll be challenging ourselves and others this May to ride as many trips as you can and win prizes for doing something fun: riding bikes. Let’s improve our health, the environment and save money one bike ride at a time! So join the Bike To PSU Challenge and celebrate with us at our kick-off party this Friday.

When: Friday May 1st, 12-1pm
Where: Urban Plaza
Why: Free ice cream, Hot Lips pizza cards and a NEW BIKE!