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Rain or Shine Week One Winners

Week one of the first annual Rain or Shine Bike Challenge has officially come to a close. Thanks to everybody who signed up and logged their rides last week.

There’s currently 210 riders registered on with 749 trips logged for a total of 4,147 miles. Great job everybody! Don’t forget, every ride counts so head out for some weekend rides. And remember: the quickest way to get points is to encourage others to ride!

Each week we’ll be announcing the winners of our weekly prize draw! Congratulations to Week One Winners:

  • Eric Rutledge won a free tune-up from the Bike Hub
  • Ken Stedman won a free tune-up from the Bike Hub
  • Corina Overman won a $100 Bike Hub gift card*
  • Charles Schroeder won a $100 Bike Hub gift card*
  • Stephanie Argy won a $100 Bike Hub gift card*

*Gift cards good towards purchase of any raingear, fenders, or backpacks.

Winners can stop by the Bike Hub to pick up their prizes. If you didn’t win this week, you still got plenty of time to log your rides and be entered into the weekly drawings. So get out there and ride!

November 2016 Rain or Shine Bike Challenge



What is it?

The PSU Rain or Shine Challenge is a fun, free competition to reward faculty, staff, and student riders who get out on their bikes and ride, even in the wet Portland weather.

We want to encourage more people to ride all year long, rain or shine.


How does it work?

Similar to the bike challenge held in May, PSU departments will compete against each other to see who can get the most students and staff to ride a bike between November 1st and 30th, 2016.

The competition is based on the number of people taking part, and people encouraged, not just how far or fast you can ride. The departments that get the highest percentage participation (for their size category) win a prize.

The Challenge is not just about who can ride the most miles, but who can encourage the most people to give bicycling in November a try.


How do I log my trips?

For automatic trip logging, we recommend using the Ride Report app. Ride Report runs in the background of your phone so you never have to tell it when you’re riding. Once you sync the app with your profile on the website we’ll get your data and update your stats automatically as you ride!

You can also log a ride on the PSU Bike Challenge website from your profile page using the ‘Add a Ride’ tab. Or you can also download the Love to Ride App for Android and iPhone.


How do I win prizes?

Every trip logged on the website or app is an automatic entry into the weekly prize drawing. Winners will be announced via email, on the Challenge website, and on our blog.

Just be sure to log all of your rides by Friday each week in order to be eligible for prizes.

Sign up now at:!

Discounted BIKETOWN Student Rate



We’re happy to announce that PSU students can now sign up for an annual BIKETOWN membership for just $5/month.
BIKETOWN is Portland’s new bike share system with 1,000 bikes at 100 stations across the central city and close-in neighborhoods. PSU stations are located at the Student Recreation Center, the Engineering Building, the Smith Memorial Student Union (on the Broadway side), and at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building.
Click here for an online interactive map of the BIKETOWN stations and service area.


Sign up for an Annual Membership at (must be a current PSU student and have a valid email address). Your membership will include 90 minutes of riding time per day. Additional time is billed at 10 cents per minute. You’ll need to keep an active credit card on file in case you incur any other fees.


Find available bikes on the System Map or using the BIKETOWNpdx mobile app for iPhone or Android. Enter your 6-digit account number (assigned at signup) and the 4-digit PIN that you select into the keypad on the back of any available bike to unlock it. Or pick up a free Member Card from a station with a kiosk, and use that plus your PIN.


Place the U-lock in the holster on the left side of the bike and start your ride. Your membership includes 90 minutes of riding time per day, and extra time is only an additional 10 cents per minute. To make a quick stop along your ride, press the “HOLD” button on the keypad and lock your bike to a rack for up to 30 minutes.


To end a ride, lock your bike to any BIKETOWN station. Or lock it to a public bike rack for an additional fee ($2 within the system area and $20 outside of the system area).
If you’ve already signed up for a BIKETOWN membership, email us to help you switch over to the discounted student rate.

Fall Workshop & Class Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all clinics are FREE for members and $5 for walk-ins. Events are held at the PSU Bike Hub, 1818 SW 6th Ave. Please email us if you have any questions.


Friday Flat Fix Clinics

Bring your bike and learn the fundamentals of changing a flat tire. This is a great refresher class or for first-time riders.

  • Every Friday from 12-12:30 pm


Commuting and Riding Skills

Get comfortable riding your bike around Portland. This workshop will give you all the tools and tips necessary to become a confident commuter. We’ll cover everything you need to keep you safe as well as some handy emergency maintenance techniques.

  • Wed. October 5: 12-1 pm
  • Thur. October 20: 12-1 pm
  • Tue. November 8: 12-1 pm


Basic Bicycle Mechanics

This informative workshop will cover the basic functions of bicycles. We will be covering proper methods of lubricating your drivetrain, adjusting your brakes, and other essential maintenance tips to keep your ride rolling smoothly. Feel free to bring your bicycle and we can discuss specific questions that you may have.

  • Thur. October 6: 12-1 pm
  • Wed. October 26: 12-1 pm
  • Thur. November 17: 12-1 pm


Basic Mechanics for LGBTQ+

Join us for an LGBTQ+ workshop at the Bike Hub! Bring your bike and get ready to learn basic maintenance techniques and feel free to ask questions in a friendly, non-threatening environment! Attendance is FREE and open to the public.

  • Sat. October 22: 12-1 pm

Bike Locking Tips

As with all college campuses, bike theft is a persistent problem here at PSU. You can dramatically increase the security of your bike by following these simple steps:

Try to avoid leaving your bicycle out overnight

We understand that living on campus may make it difficult to store your bike indoors, but try to avoid leaving your bike parked outside overnight, if possible. If you can’t store your bike inside your living space, check out our indoor bike garages or see if your campus building has available bike parking.

Always use a u-lock or heavy-gauge chain

Cable locks are not sufficient enough. U-locks provide the most anti-theft protection when used properly. Always buy a new, packaged lock to avoid buying used locks that could be compromised or outdated.

Lock your bike through a portion of its frame

Only locking through the wheel leaves the rest of your bike susceptible to theft. Secure your bike by passing the u-lock through a portion of the frame and secure quick-release wheels with a second u-lock or an added cable. Also remember to remove all detachable accessories including lights, bags, etc.Bike Locking diagram

Take a picture of yourself with your bike

Have a friend snap a photo of you next to your ride to show as proof of ownership in the event that your bike does get stolen. Even better: write down your bike’s serial number on a piece of paper and display it in the photo as well. Upload the photo to your phone or email so that you can access it from anywhere.

Register your bike with PSU and Bike Index

Registering your bike provides Portland State with a valid record of your bike’s physical description and unique serial number. In the event that your bike is lost or stolen, we have an increased likelihood of identifying and returning it to you. You can also sign up with the Bike Index to have your bicycle added to a nationwide registry. The Bike Index automatically publishes stolen bike reports to social media and boasts a pretty high recovery rate.



The Nike-sponsored bike share program officially launched last Tuesday. Portland now has 1,000 bright orange rental bikes at 100 stations throughout the city, with 3 stations located on the PSU campus.


The PSU stations are located at the Student Recreation Center, the Engineering Building, the Smith Memorial Student Union (on the Broadway side), and at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building.

Click here for an online interactive map of the BIKETOWN stations and service area.


  • $12 per month for an annual membership which includes 90 min. of ride time per day and unlimited trips
  • $12 day pass, which gives you 3 hours of riding time and unlimited trips in a 24-hr period
  • $2.50 per use for up to 30 minutes of riding time
  • We are also working on rolling out a special PSU student and staff rate. If you’ve already joined BIKETOWN, or plan to join in the near future, you’ll still be eligible to receive the special PSU rate as soon as we work out all the details.


    BIKETOWN bikes can be unlocked with a 6-digit account number (which members receive during registration) or a Member Card that users can attain at one of the 20 station kiosks for a small fee. Bikes can also be reserved ahead of time, through the mobile app or website, up to 10 min. before use.

    Bikes can be returned to any station or left in a public bike rack within the service area for an additional $2 fee. There’s also a $1 account credit incentive each time you return a bike that’s been locked at a public rack back to a BIKETOWN station.

    There’s also a great app to find stations nearby. Download it for iPhone or Android.

    Check out the BIKETOWN website for more information and to sign up for a membership.

    Summer Riding Tips

    With the spring and summer months comes better weather and, for a lot people, more time on their bike! But just because the rain and mud are gone doesn’t mean that you have nothing to worry about. Rising Portland temperatures can be very dangerous and heading out for a ride in the summer heat takes some planning and precautions in order to remain safe and responsible.


    It’s best to wear breathable fabrics to allow for greater air flow around your body. If you’re not too keen on sweat-wicking jerseys, you can go casual by choosing lighter weight materials such as cotton. If you do go the tight-knit Lycra route, make sure there’s plenty of built-in ventilation.


    Aside from making you look cool, sunglasses will also shield your eyes from the glare of the sun, as well as provide protection against any dust or debris that may be present in the air.


    To deflect the hot summer sun, we recommend wearing a light-colored helmet and making sure that it’s very breathable with plenty of air vents to keep your head cool and dry. But, even if you do get hot and sweaty, never sacrifice your safety by riding without a helmet. Try pulling off the road and taking a break to cool down or get a drink of water.


    With temperatures on the rise, staying hydrated is possibly the most important aspect of summer riding. Dehydration can be deadly so drink lots of water! Make sure you always have plenty of water bottles or a hydration pack to take with you when you head out for a ride or commute. You can also plan your route to take you past a restaurant or convenience store where you can top off your liquids. Your water consumption will increase greatly compared to the cool winter months and you should always plan on having a source of hydration even if you’re only biking a short distance.


    Apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or above before heading out for a ride, and carry it with you to reapply at least every two hours or more frequently if you’re sweating heavily. Also, to avoid the direct sun, try finding a shaded or tree-lined route.


    Everyone adapts differently to climate, and if you’re not used to riding in heat or humidity then you’ll need to plan ahead and acclimate yourself to the hotter environment. Start off with shorter rides in the early morning or late evening, when the temps are cooler. Eventually, you can work your way up to longer, mid-day rides.

    Slow Down:

    Don’t push yourself to keep the same pace as you would on a milder day. If temperatures will be particularly high, plan ahead and allow yourself more time for your commute so you can take it nice and easy on your way to where you’re going.


    When riding long distances in the summer heat, it’s important to recover afterwards. Continue drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and replenish. Try escaping the heat by stepping into an air-conditioned space or relaxing in the shade.

    Summer Workshop & Clinic Schedule

    Unless otherwise noted, all clinics are FREE for members and $5 for walk-ins. Events are held at the PSU Bike Hub, 1818 SW 6th Ave. Please email us if you have any questions.


    Friday Flat Fix Clinics

    Bring your bike and learn the fundamentals of changing a flat tire. This is a great refresher class or for first-time riders.

    • Every Friday from 12-12:30 pm


    Commuting and Maintenance 101

    In this class we cover everything you need to know to keep you safe while commuting by bike, as well as the essential elements of bicycle maintenance. Feel free to bring your bicycle to discuss any specific questions you may have.

    • Tues. June 28: 12-1 pm
    • Mon. July 11: 12-1 pm
    • Thurs. July 28: 12-1 pm
    • Wed. August 10: 12-1 pm


    Advanced Mechanics Series

    These classes are designed to get riders comfortable and confident with advanced repairs by taking an in-depth look at various bicycle systems and how they work. No attendance of previous advanced classes necessary.

    • Brakes: Wed. July 6: 12-1 pm
    • Shifting: Wed. July 13: 12-1 pm
    • Bearings: Wed. July 20: 12-1 pm
    • Wheelbuilding Pt. 1: Wed. July 27: 12-1 pm
    • Wheelbuilding Pt. 2: Wed. August 3: 12-1 pm

    End of Challenge Awards Party Winners


    Congratulations to the participants taking home these top prizes in the 2016 PSU Bike Challenge!

    To keep things fair, we broke down the team competition categories by size, based on the number of students/staff in each department.

    • Civil Engineering – Maseeh College of Engineering won “Top Department with 500+ students/staff”
    • School of Urban Studies & Planning – College of Urban & Public Affairs won “Top Department with 200-499 students/staff”
    • Office of Information Technologies won “Top Department with 50-199 students/staff”
    • PGE Power Foundation Laboratory won “Top Department with 20-49 students/staff”
    • Transportation Research and Education Center won “Top Department with 7-19 students/staff”
    • Queer Resource Center won “Top Department with 3-6 students/staff”

    Here’s the Individual Winners in the Top 5 Categories:

    • Kale Brewer won “Top Encourager” with 6 people encouraged
    • Chris Hanel won “Top Rider” with 1,826 total points
    • Corina Overman won “Top Female Rider” with 1,621 total points
    • Megan Burns won “Top Female New Rider” with 227 miles logged

    Winners can stop by the Bike Hub today at noon for the Awards Party to pick up your trophies and prizes.