Discounted BIKETOWN Student Rate



We’re happy to announce that PSU students can now sign up for an annual BIKETOWN membership for just $5/month.
BIKETOWN is Portland’s new bike share system with 1,000 bikes at 100 stations across the central city and close-in neighborhoods. PSU stations are located at the Student Recreation Center, the Engineering Building, the Smith Memorial Student Union (on the Broadway side), and at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building.
Click here for an online interactive map of the BIKETOWN stations and service area.


Sign up for an Annual Membership at (must be a current PSU student and have a valid email address). Your membership will include 90 minutes of riding time per day. Additional time is billed at 10 cents per minute. You’ll need to keep an active credit card on file in case you incur any other fees.


Find available bikes on the System Map or using the BIKETOWNpdx mobile app for iPhone or Android. Enter your 6-digit account number (assigned at signup) and the 4-digit PIN that you select into the keypad on the back of any available bike to unlock it. Or pick up a free Member Card from a station with a kiosk, and use that plus your PIN.


Place the U-lock in the holster on the left side of the bike and start your ride. Your membership includes 90 minutes of riding time per day, and extra time is only an additional 10 cents per minute. To make a quick stop along your ride, press the “HOLD” button on the keypad and lock your bike to a rack for up to 30 minutes.


To end a ride, lock your bike to any BIKETOWN station. Or lock it to a public bike rack for an additional fee ($2 within the system area and $20 outside of the system area).
If you’ve already signed up for a BIKETOWN membership, email us to help you switch over to the discounted student rate.

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