Bike Locking Tips

As with all college campuses, bike theft is a persistent problem here at PSU. You can dramatically increase the security of your bike by following these simple steps:

Try to avoid leaving your bicycle out overnight

We understand that living on campus may make it difficult to store your bike indoors, but try to avoid leaving your bike parked outside overnight, if possible. If you can’t store your bike inside your living space, check out our indoor bike garages or see if your campus building has available bike parking.

Always use a u-lock or heavy-gauge chain

Cable locks are not sufficient enough. U-locks provide the most anti-theft protection when used properly. Always buy a new, packaged lock to avoid buying used locks that could be compromised or outdated.

Lock your bike through a portion of its frame

Only locking through the wheel leaves the rest of your bike susceptible to theft. Secure your bike by passing the u-lock through a portion of the frame and secure quick-release wheels with a second u-lock or an added cable. Also remember to remove all detachable accessories including lights, bags, etc.Bike Locking diagram

Take a picture of yourself with your bike

Have a friend snap a photo of you next to your ride to show as proof of ownership in the event that your bike does get stolen. Even better: write down your bike’s serial number on a piece of paper and display it in the photo as well. Upload the photo to your phone or email so that you can access it from anywhere.

Register your bike with PSU and Bike Index

Registering your bike provides Portland State with a valid record of your bike’s physical description and unique serial number. In the event that your bike is lost or stolen, we have an increased likelihood of identifying and returning it to you. You can also sign up with the Bike Index to have your bicycle added to a nationwide registry. The Bike Index automatically publishes stolen bike reports to social media and boasts a pretty high recovery rate.

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