Presenting the New and Improved 2016 PSU Bike Challenge

This friendly, month-long challenge is designed to encourage the Portland State University community to bike in Portland during the month of May.

How it Works:

Students and employees participate on teams, based on their college/department, to see who can get the most participants to ride and log their trips between May 1-31. Points are awarded in a number of categories. But the fastest way to earn more points is to encourage others to join!

We also have some exciting new changes coming this year:

New Challenge:¬†EVERY ride counts this year, not just commutes to and from campus. Participants can log trips to the store, bike rides to class, pedaling to the bar….every ride counts!

New Website: We’ve got a shiny new website for our new and improved challenge. The website will have some awesome features for tracking your progress, viewing your team’s stats, and syncing with other apps.

New App: We’ll be rolling out a new mobile app (for iPhone and Android) to make it easier to log your rides from any smartphone or tablet.

New Teams: Rather than forming teams, this year participants will be competing under their college/department. This will help students and staff to encourage others to participate and add up points for their teams.

New Incentives: There will be a new points system and increased incentives for new riders and those who encourage new riders to join. We’ll also have a new line-up of prizes from a great list of sponsors, which we’ll be giving away throughout the month of May.

New Prizes: Every trip logged on the PSU Bike Challenge website will be an automatic entry into a raffle for a variety of prizes from our sponsors. We’ll also be awarding prizes for riders who make the most progress throughout the month.

How to Compete:

  • Visit to register with your email address
  • Ride your bike anywhere (for at least 10 minutes) in the month of May
  • Record your ride on the website or app (automatic syncing available with other GPS-enabled apps)
  • Score points to win prizes for yourself and your team

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