[Bike] Ride + TriMet = TrideMet:

TrideMet | verb | \ˈtrīd-‘met\

:To commute utilizing a combination of bicycling and riding TriMet buses, light rail and/or commuter rail systems.

First [and only?] known use:

Just now.


convenience, sustainable, healthy, awesome, win, more.

Yeah, yeah… “TrideMet” is a stretch and probably won’t stick, but I got your attention didn’t I? Despite it’s made up name, biking and riding public transportation, might be a great option for your or a friend who lives far from campus. TrideMetting can save you the stress of driving yourself, finding and paying for parking. Get your morning exercise AND read a book! Try doing that while you drive (don’t actually). Know someone who drives to the MAX station? Try convincing them to save a little gas and bike that leg of the trip. There might even be relevant MAX or bus stops closer to their homes, but don’t offer parking.

How to TrideMet

TriMet offers a selection of bicycle parking options: indoor bike parking, electronic bike lockers (eLockers), reserved bike lockers and your standard bike racks. The Beaverton, Gresham Central and Sunset Transit Centers offer secure, indoor bike parking. Both indoor parking and eLockers require card access which can be purchased from TriMet. For bike locker locations and availability check here.

If you want to use your bike once you’re downtown as well, it’s super easy to load your bike onto the MAX or the bus rack. Be weary that there might not always be room, so plan for that. A little hesitant to load your bike on a bus rack? You can check out their how-to page or ask the driver for assistance.

Remember that living far from campus doesn’t have to mean driving every day. Explore your options! Find a stop within biking distance and try leaving that car at home.

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