How to be a great team captain

Captains like YOU play a huge role in making the Bike To PSU Challenge a success. To thank you for being awesome and assembling your team, we’ve put together thank you packages for team captains. Come by the Bike Hub to pick them up.

To help you keep being awesome, here are some ideas on how to be a great captain:

Motivate. It’s fun to compete! Issues challenges to teammates or other teams from their profile/team pages. Try to lock down a top position in our leader boards! Your team can compete via # of miles, # of trips or trip percentage.

When the weather gets a bit dreary, sometimes all your teammates need is a bit of encouragement to stay motivated! You’ve been there before and know how tempting it can be to just drive or MAX, so share your tips and get each other pumped!

Set a good example. Ride like the wind!

Help with route planning & share your commute tips. A good route can make all the difference in someone’s commute and their morning in general. Share your road wisdom, especially with new commuters, and encourage your teammates to do the same. Little tips can boost someone’s confidence and help them ride frequently and safely.

Bring your team together. Plan little (or big) things that your team can do together. Maybe hit up happy hour somewhere after class or work or, if possible, find a route that your team could use to commute together.

Grow your team. Invite more of your friends or make new friends and sign them all up!

Keep your team in the know. Check out our calendar (the same one you use to log miles) for events your team will be interested in. You can also check out our Twitter account and our Facebook page for updates.

Happy riding!

– The Bike Hub

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