Bike To PSU Challenge Ends Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last weekday of the month, which marks the end of the Bike To PSU Challenge. It’s been quite the ride. We had a blast showing new riders how easy and fun it can be to bike to campus, and rewarding those who already do!

Hold up though! There’s still one more weekly prize raffling and our Final Awards Ceremony next Monday. So, keep logging those miles and continue riding your bike!

Saturday: Women’s Bike Clinic & Oaks Amusement Park Ride

For my 16th birthday I didn’t get a car. My friend Lanandra gifted me a heavy, red, 3 speed Free Spirit. I was grinning ear to ear. I had wheels! And wheels mean freedom. Susan B. said it right:

“Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel…the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.”

In this spirit of female comradery the PSU Bike Hub hosts women’s specific maintenance clinics and rides. These clinics cover basic maintenance and help you soup up your whip in two shakes of a lambs tail. This female only forum creates a safe space for learning through doing and curiosity. Its also a wildly hilarious good time to crack jokes with lady friends while getting your hands dirty.

Come to our clinic this Saturday 5/30 from 2:00-3:00 pm. Then we’ll ride bikes to Oaks Park for roller coaster, root beer float, and bumper car shenanigans. Check out our Facebook page “PSU Bike Hub Women’s Clinics” for updates and tips. Hope to see you Saturday!

– Gabby & Amanda

[Bike] Ride + TriMet = TrideMet:

TrideMet | verb | \ˈtrīd-‘met\

:To commute utilizing a combination of bicycling and riding TriMet buses, light rail and/or commuter rail systems.

First [and only?] known use:

Just now.


convenience, sustainable, healthy, awesome, win, more.

Yeah, yeah… “TrideMet” is a stretch and probably won’t stick, but I got your attention didn’t I? Despite it’s made up name, biking and riding public transportation, might be a great option for your or a friend who lives far from campus. TrideMetting can save you the stress of driving yourself, finding and paying for parking. Get your morning exercise AND read a book! Try doing that while you drive (don’t actually). Know someone who drives to the MAX station? Try convincing them to save a little gas and bike that leg of the trip. There might even be relevant MAX or bus stops closer to their homes, but don’t offer parking.

How to TrideMet

TriMet offers a selection of bicycle parking options: indoor bike parking, electronic bike lockers (eLockers), reserved bike lockers and your standard bike racks. The Beaverton, Gresham Central and Sunset Transit Centers offer secure, indoor bike parking. Both indoor parking and eLockers require card access which can be purchased from TriMet. For bike locker locations and availability check here.

If you want to use your bike once you’re downtown as well, it’s super easy to load your bike onto the MAX or the bus rack. Be weary that there might not always be room, so plan for that. A little hesitant to load your bike on a bus rack? You can check out their how-to page or ask the driver for assistance.

Remember that living far from campus doesn’t have to mean driving every day. Explore your options! Find a stop within biking distance and try leaving that car at home.

Bicycle Legal Clinic at Noon

Have questions about the traffic laws related to biking, insurance, or what to do in a crash? Come get your questions answered at the Bicycle Legal Clinic. Ray Thomas, local attorney and author of Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Cyclists, will walk you through the book and the rights and responsibilities of cyclists on Oregon’s roadways and sidewalks. Attendance is free, and you get to take home a free copy of Pedal Power.

Where: PSU Bike Hub

When: Wed, May 27 at 12PM

Today at Noon: Final Awards Party!

Good morning Bike To PSU Participants!

Today we wrap up another successful Bike To PSU Challenge. Our Final Awards party is today at noon, and we’d love to see all of our participants and Bike Hub members at the party.

We invite you to join us at the Bike Hub today to celebrate the past month of friendly competition with us. Bike Hub membership renewals will be offered at a special discount rate. Award winners will be announced. Hotlips pizza and KIND snacks will be eaten, and more giveaways will be given away!

Awesome prizes await to be claimed! We will be raffling off several prizes including Giro and Bern helmets, a Linus Ruc Sac and a new Breezer Bike. You need to be present to win! Show your support of our amazing bicylcing community at Portland State University by joining us today.

See you there!

Week 3 Winners

Week Three Winners

Welcome back from your long weekend! Remember to mark yesterday as “Not a school day” on the Trip Log calendar so your percentage doesn’t take a hit.

Here are Week 3’s raffle winners:

Congratulations to all who participated last week! Keep it up because we have our Final Awards Party coming up next Monday (June 1st). We’ll be awarding trophies, giving away more prizes and serving food and refreshments at the Bike Hub from noon ’til 2pm.

Happy Riding!

– Your pals at the Bike Hub

Commute tips from your Bike Hub mechanic Ahmed

wetAh, fenders! Otherwise known as rain protectors, rain guards, mud guards, or any other term that attempts to describe their usage. Just like people, they come in all shapes and sizes. They pair with a compatible bike looking for love. Do yourself a huge favor, as a commuter and as someone who wants to arrive to their destination looking and feeling clean. Purchase some fenders. For under $30 you can keep yourself totally clean and dry in the all-day drizzle we live in almost year round. Even when it begins to pour, as long as you have a proper rain jacket with those fenders, you are living large.

Ask anyone who has been caught in a spontaneous spring rain about the terrible feeling of having no hope. No way out. Even after the downpour has stopped, they know they’re going to be covered in a terrible, oily brown, leftover rain water 5 minutes into their ride. So, what are you waiting for? Once you have a solid set of fenders, you will forget about taking that humid TriMet bus and enjoy smelling the fresh spring air while cruising to campus.

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Sponsor of the Week: ABUS


abusOur “Dance Tip” this week was about protecting your bike, and our sponsor of the week does just that! Since 1924 our German friends at ABUS have been producing rigorously tested locks from the highest quality materials. Each week of the Bike To PSU Challenge, we’ve been giving away two ABUS Bordo folding locks valued at $130 each. We’ve got them in key and combination varieties that both keep your ride secured. We dig how compact these locks are – perfect for mounting on your frame or slipping into a backpack for a quick trip to school or the market!

Don’t forget to log this week’s trips before Sunday 11:59PM for your chance to win an ABUS folding lock!


Dan’s Tips #3: Protect Ya’ Bike!

I just realized that if you say “Dan’s Tips” fast it sounds like “Dance Tips”. I have those too! Maybe the next maintenance class will turn into a hip hop dance class! Those two things work together, right? Less than 2 weeks to go for the Bike2PSU Challenge! I hope everyone’s having a great week so far. I just finished off some leftover donuts from the biker breakfast this morning. You guys really need to come eat more!

This week is about bike security. Unfortunately, bike theft is a reality that we all have to deal with. I’m sure many of you have experienced this first hand and it’s very uncool. Here are some easy things you can do to protect your bike while it’s out of your sight.

  1. Use a good lock! – Locking your bike up properly is your best defence against theft. Invest in a good quality “U-Lock”. Don’t use a cable lock or a lock that your dad used when he was in school. They are easily cut and thieves will always target bikes that have cheap locks. We offer locks starting at $45 ($30 for members) that will do the job. If your bike is a little on the expensive side, the higher end locks ($45-100) might make sense for you.
  2. Bike Garage – For added security when you’re on campus, you might consider getting a spot in one of our secure bike parking garages. We have several locations on campus. Each location has secure access so only people who have permits can get in. They also have a workstand with tools and a pump. The cost is $15 for a term or $45 for the year.
  3. Take your Lights – Anything that’s easily removed from your bike should be taken off when you lock up your bike. Lights are probably the most common and most costly accessory stolen from locked bikes. I usually leave mine on when I’m running into the grocery store or something quick, but if you’re on campus or downtown make sure you take it in with you.
  4. Register your Bike – In the unfortunate event that your bike does get stolen, there are a few things you can do to make it more likely that you’ll get it back. Register your bike on Bike Index or Project 529. Both of these websites have a pretty good success rate for finding stolen bikes. You can also post the info on the Bike Portland stolen bike listing. You’ll also want to make sure you report the theft to the police. It’s important to do this so that the city has a better understanding of where and how bad the problem is.

Thanks for reading and have a great, bike secure week!

Week 2 Winners!

Week Two Winners!

Chalk up another solid week and pat yourselves on the back. End-to-end, we made it around the world logging 37,359 miles (if you ask the Google, earth is about 24,900 miles)!

Alright, let’s get to what you’re here for. I present to you… Week 2’s raffle winners:

Congrats to this week’s winners and to all who participated last week. Visit us at the Bike Hub to pick up or get fitted with your prizes. Keep clocking in those miles because we still have more prizes to win.

Happy Riding!

– Your pals at the Bike Hub